A preview of my weekend….

pretty much.

pretty much.

So, my friends and I are going to Foxwoods Casino this weekend.  We’re seeing comedian, Amy Schumer, and maybe we’ll gamble.  I’ve heard that’s what the regulars do in casinos. It will be the first time we’ve reunited in years – as well as it being my first time in a casino… ever.  These girls were a huge part of my middle and high school life, and I experienced a lot – I mean a lot – with them.

This photo is exactly how I imagine things will go down.  Bless our souls.  Updates to follow.

xoxo, Meg

PS – How do I gamble?  Should I have learned that before hand?

3 thoughts on “A preview of my weekend….

  1. I Stick to the roulette wheel – or anything that involves betting on a number or a colour rather than cards – they confuse me too much. Don’t forget to quit while you’re ahead 😉

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