Will I Ever Love Anything As Much As My Boyfriend Loves Sports?

There are some relationships that are, for lack of a better term, enviable.

You know, the ones fueled by passion, commitment, humor and above all, trust. The ones that, at the end of the day, regardless of how much they fight, you know they’ll make up and be alright and continue to support each other.

This is how my boyfriend feels about sports.

Let’s just be clear, I definitely do not hate sports. I’ll sit and watch whatever ball is on television as long as there are a reasonable amount of snacks and alcohol in front of me.


But there’s something seeing someone constantly have another person on their mind, wondering what they’re doing, checking their status updates and talking to his friends about what they’re doing next.

Because he knows how important investing into a relationship is and he’s proud to show off those who he supports.


You know, the way he just KNOWS everything about every single player on the field, can recite their college teams, even high schools, without even looking up to the left to recall the memory.

Because he cares about them that much to know that to truly appreciate someone, you have to know where they came from.


I see the passion he has for his fantasy football team, caring deeply about their injuries, yelling at them incessantly for missing catchable balls, touchdowns, and field goal opportunities.

Because he honestly sees their potential and he knows they can do better.


It doesn’t matter where he is financially, he’s ready to double down and spend money when he may not exactly have a lot of it. He’s committed to being there every step of the way, from making it to the small games all the way up to the biggest of stages.

Because he knows he can trust them to show him a good time, even if his expectations don’t always match his reality.


To know what it’s like to hate someone so much, swear to never come back to them again, but your bond, your loyalty is so strong, that you’re right back on the couch the next day watching that same team that ruined your life the night before.

Because he’s loyal and he’ll be there through the ups and downs. No matter what.



Now, that’s love.

Do I ever think I’ll love something more than my boyfriend loves sports?

To be honest, I think the answer is no.

What do you think? Do boys love sports more than anything else?

March Madness: How to Stay Sane for the Next Month

If you don’t know anything about basketball, that sucks for you because you’re going to surrounded by it for the next couple of weeks.  It will haunt your dreams, your social life will revolve around it, and you will see normally sane people spiral into a complete and utter mental state to the point where you may actually have to commit them to an asylum.

But there’s good news!  You don’t have to sit and be miserable for the next three weeks, because even you, non-sports liking human, can have fun with March Madness.  Because like it or not, basketball is going to be broadcasted nationwide on every television in every restaurant and apartment, so you may as well get used to it.

Here are some survival tips for anyone who doesn’t want to actually go mad this March:

(yes, I know, my puns are some next level stuff, BACK OFF)

  1. Even if you know nothing about basketball, fill out a bracket.  It will give you someone to root for each game, and you’ll get the satisfaction of picking a winning team and rubbing it in that kid’s face who tracks college players from birth til graduation when his bracket sucks more than yours does.
  2. Use this as an excuse to hang out with a kid you have a crush on.  Have that hot kid you like help you fill out a bracket, maybe meet up with him at a bar for some beers.  All you have to do is cheer when lots of people cheer, and boo when people boo.  Look excited. Take a shot.  Ask a question. Wait refrain from asking questions, boys hate explaining things to girls. Actually, just show up and have a good time, it’s not that difficult.
  3. Make up a drinking game.  Shot for shot, literally.
  4. Use this to determine whether or not your potential life-long partner is insane.  The great news about March Madness is that you get to see people in their primal state.  Winning and losing brackets reduce human beings to their cores.  There is no better time than now to rule out potential crazies.  If he knocks over a lamp, kicks through a door, or threatens to punch a baby due to a loss, there’s a good chance he won’t do the dishes or take out the trash after a tiff later in life. 
  5. Read a book. If you don’t like sports, that is not a problem.  How about expanding your vocabulary with a good book?  Think about all the new words and phrases you’ll pick up because your significant other is hogging the television.  You’re pretty much guaranteed to surpass him or her in intelligence, so why not start now?  You’ll be the most sophisticated insulter this side of the Mississippi.  Or that side.  Depending where you live. 
  6. Go work out.  If you’re stressed out because you’re missing this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, have no fear, the gym has televisions and treadmills.  Kill two birds with one stone by running out your aggression and simultaneously still wondering why in the hell these four girls are still getting tormented and no one is doing anything about it.  It is shocking. Really.
  7. Suck it up.  If you’re a problem solver, or a generally easy going human being, you’ll realize that this is a time of the year that isn’t going away.  Much like football season, baseball season, and hockey season, the playoffs create a cutthroat atmosphere and you can either adapt or die.  If you’re going to get pissed off and mope because you can’t watch the finale of Cupcake Wars, you have bigger fish to fry.  Invest in DVR, sit down with a drink, and make a sacrifice like guys do when you make them go shopping or eat vegetarian options for a week.