Steps To Creating An Amazing Birthday Invitation

Happy Saturday!  I’m here to present you with some tips and tricks to whipping up the most entertaining and wildly inappropriate birthday party invitation.  FOLLOW ALONG!

Let’s all pray that my transition into adulthood is an easy one.  But the more I talk about it, it’s starting to sound more like I am turning into a vampire rather than a grown woman.

Anyways, if you’re wondering how a mature, completely rational, almost quarter-century old human would request people’s presence at her birthday party, look no further, because I have provided you with the information that will solidify attendees and maximize fun.

Gawk, laugh, take notes, or ignore this completely.  But regardless, here’s what you should keep in mind when attempting to create an appealing, exciting, birthday proposal!

this is how you do a birthday invitation

this is how you do a birthday invitation


xoxo, Meg 🙂

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