Barbara Walters Is A Jackass

Last night marked the most important thing to happen in pop-culture after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Barbara Walters put on forty-seven pounds of makeup and a suit from 1986 and rattled off her annual list of the most fascinating people on the planet.

And the top honor was, you probably didn’t guess it, Amal Alamuddin, or as you probably know her, as George Clooney’s wife.

Full disclosure, you can file this post under feminism... I think?

For most of the video – that is supposed to encompass why this woman is so fascinating – you sit and watch a compilation of clips memorializing George Clooney’s slingledom, emphasizing him talking about never wanting to get married, and throwing in after the fact that Amal is really fascinating to the people of the world because, much like George, she can wear a mean suit and has really nice hair.

There is almost no mention of her skills, talents, or endeavors, other than the fact that she went to Oxford to become a humanitarian and women’s rights defense attorney, oh except for the shocking revelation that she’s also, like really, really pretty, too. 

For Barbara Walters to highlight and harp on the fact that the main and most important reason Amal is fascinating is because she got George Clooney of all people to get married again is kind of actually really ridiculous.

And I personally stray away from feminist rants, but when I heard she earned the coveted label, I figured we’d be learning much more about Amal’s drives, aspirations, and achievements rather than a recap on George Clooney’s much publicized aversion to marriage (complete with a list and segmented montage of all those women who tried to get him to settle down along the way).

It makes her “inspirational” list more of a publicity stunt and ratings magnet rather than a real, in depth look into the lives of these people that we are so fascinated with.

I mean, let’s be real, her spotlight on Taylor Swift will hardly feature the work and dedication she has to making great music, but it will most likely talk about her past relationships, how highly publicized they are, how and why she hasn’t found a boyfriend and when on God’s green earth will she find the time and the urge to settle down with someone.

Like, I enjoy talking about boys, but at some point can we just talk about how amazing certain women are without the mention on their male counterparts (or lack thereof)?  Could Barbara Walters maybe have at least tried to make a connection to George dating cocktail waitresses and models before wanting to settle down with someone who holds substantially equal intellect, values, and ideals?


Because, while marrying George Clooney is great – because he’s super hot #SilverFox – this would have been the perfect platform to unveil some of the lesser to little known human rights issues around the world that both Amal and George (SO WEIRD SINCE THEY’RE MARRIED, RIGHT?) think are important. Or the women’s rights issues or cases she’s been a part of, or the numerous charitable donations and do-goodey things she does on a daily basis that just makes her an all around badass and fascinating person.

I think that’s all I have to say about that.

If you want to read more about Amal and less about George, check out the articles below, you’ll realize that she is way more than a pretty face, she actually does good stuff for the world and wants to make it a better place.

But, she just married George Clooney, and I guess that’s more important.

Amal Clooney is the most fascinating person of 2014 because of who she married, says Barbara Walters

Amal Clooney married down. She’s way more fascinating than George.

What Is This Goddess Doing With George Clooney?

What do you think of Barbara Walter’s list?

23 thoughts on “Barbara Walters Is A Jackass

  1. So much yes. You just perfectly summarized my whole issue with BWalters’ little feature on Amal. I’m not a huge person to feminist rant either but it’s ridiculous…I’ll be interested to see if Amal comments at all it.

  2. This shoujld be mandatory reading for anyone attempting to graduate from college, high school or grammar school. Walters has been an idiot since she hatched “The View”. My only disagreement is that I don’t think Mrs. George Clooney is all that good looking.

  3. What!!!? George is finally married- that is life changing news! I only watch Netflix to avoid these kinds of stupid things. With all the cool people doing amazing things in the world, someone gets an award for getting an old man to marry them? How crappy for her- she is probably worthy of a bit of spotlight and when she gets it, its for the wrong reason! I hope she is POed about it and her and B have a fight. If that happens, will you put it on your blog so I can know when to watch it?;) PS I also enjoy making fun of Barb sometimes, but don’t tell anyone.

  4. And of all people, Barbara Walters, the first woman to co-anchor the evening news, and the woman who’s interviewed everyone from Anwar Sadat to Henry Kissinger. She’s always done these celebrity interview shows, but since The View, she’s been falling further down the vapid hole.

  5. I think you’ll find that Barbara Walters is popular because she knows what people want. Yes, I wish she’d focused on what human rights issues Amal and George focus on, but at least this is a step up from Honey boo boo, or whatever that obnoxious child’s name is and Kim Kardashian. Why did Kim break the internet? Because more people want to see her bare butt than to hear about human rights issues. Crazy world. Judy

    1. Ugh! I know, Kim Kardashian is the epitome of what’s wrong with society. And don’t get me wrong, I’m completely guilty of wasting my weekends watching reality television, but it’s to escape, I think they actually think they live in reality.

      1. They are creating reality and therefore living fiction! I
        guess I should concentrate on what I’m doing wrong in my life rather than what they are, since they are definitely making more money at it than I am! Ha.

  6. I’m glad to see these comments. When I found out who Walters picked, I felt disappointed because the rest of the sentence seem to scream in neon “because she got Clooney to marry her.” Have we really “dummed” down to this?

  7. From everything I have read Amal does indeed seem to ne an amazing woman. And, after all if George wanted to marry a woman just because she was drop dead gorgeous he could married any of those other pieces of eye candy he has hung out with all these years. Obviously its all the other stuff, that Barbara didn’t mention that was the attraction.

    1. Exactly. Hopefully her main story will focus on that rather than her pop-culture achievements. I’m praying this was just a draw in to get us to watch. However, I’m thinking it’s not.

  8. All I can say is WOW! Barbara Walters just pronounced that beauty is all that matters if you are a woman. Better yet, it is who I marry that makes me important. Not, what I do or what I work toward. This is not the message I want for my daughter. “Oh honey! Make sure you catch a good husband after you use your own intelligence to go to OXFORD, and become some rockstar lawyer. Behind every good man is a good woman.” Grumble, grrrr… I’d like to bite someone’s head off now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think I’m going to go back to living under a rock now without a television.

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