The Friday Five: My Favorite Posts of the Week!

Each week, I list off my favorite posts from all the wonderful blogs I follow.  I mean, if I love you, why shouldn’t the rest of the world?  So, without further adieu, here are the posts that really got my attention this week!


yadadarcyyada: To Ice Bucket or Not To Ice Bucket

Interesting take on the challenge that has swiffered the nation.  Maybe everyone should just donate to the cause?

Rae of Sparkles: I want my cake. And I’m going to eat it.

Because DIY scares the shit out of me and this looks super fun and adorable.

Project Light to Life: Strangers Help Fulfill Terminally Ill 5-Year-Old’s Bucket List

For once it was nice to read a post about someone in the news.  I realize how much I talk about myself and how people like this deserve the spotlight, not my inability to adhere to social cues.

My Broken Brain: How having a brain injury can open the door to 15000ft

Super inspirational post about overcoming adversity dealing with brain injury.  Plus skydiving is DA BOMB.

Tipsy Lit: Good Writers Are Great Listeners

Kind of a shameless plug, but this is one post I’m particularly proud to call my own 🙂


Let’s be friends, everyone.  I need them.  My mom is starting to think I have a drinking problem.

Who likes badges?  Everyone, that’s who!  If I featured your post this week, or in any previous weeks, feel free to grab one of these bad boys and slap in on your blog so the world can know you’ve been baked with greatness by yours truly.

xoxo, Meg

big deal

What was your favorite post (by you or someone else) from this week?  Submit it in a comment and maybe I’ll feature my top five favorites next Friday!

8 thoughts on “The Friday Five: My Favorite Posts of the Week!

  1. I officially “Made It.” I would like to thank the Academy, and all my fans. And I’d like to especially thank Vodka, without whom there would be no crafts.

    -Thank you!

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