Apple Just Bought Beats by Dre, So I Need Help Getting Their Attention

Apple just purchased Beats by Dre for a crisp $3 billion this afternoon, and they’re probably going to need a new logo.

It’s times like these where you find yourself with a few extra minutes after work to do some extensive Microsoft Painting.  And I mean the kind of Microsoft Painting that could potentially make you a millionaire.

After about thirty seconds of deliberation, and fifteen minutes of cutting and pasting I created this beautiful, one of a kind, rudimentary mockup of what the potential Apple Beats logo could look like.

(c) meg lago 5/28/2014

Yup, take it all in.

That, right there, is a trifecta combination of Applebees, Apple, and Beats all wrapped up into a neat and tidy little painted package branded by yours truly.

Apple, call me, we can talk about royalties, not suing me for copyright infringement, and which iCloud you want to inevitably name after me.  I’m thinking Meg Cumulonimbus has a pretty badass ring to it.

I’m drafting my letter to Apple right now, so please inform me if I’ve gone off my rocker, I don’t want another Chipotle on my hands.  I’ve already been blacklisted by one corporate conglomerate and I think my MacBook is about to shit the bed.  I may need Apple on my side in the near future. 




  1. Um, where’s the i? Apple is about the user experience, hence the i in everything but the MacBook—a business targeted product. Add an i and ‘iam’ sure you’ll hear from them 😉

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