It’s Time For A MAKEOVER!

What?  Something’s weird.

So by now, you may have realized things look a little different around here. But it’s just like when you lose weight.  It’s the same body, just a new look.

I realized when I first started this blog back in December, I was very hasty — much like with everything else I do — and didn’t think everything through before making decisions about the site.  So now, I have to correct those mistakes.

After spending some time writing this, being introduced to communities, and learning what successful blogs look like, I realized I needed to make some changes.  I needed a new name, one that reflected the theme of my blog, and that’s something I didn’t have with Twenty-Four Problems.

There are a slew of twenty-something blogs out there, and they pretty much kill it.  While I do fit into that age range, I want to distinguish myself from them, and to do that I have changed the name of my blog to something I feel is way more fitting, unique, and applicable to the stuff I actually write about.

So, without further adieu, welcome to Half Wit, Half Wisdom, or in other words, Half and Half.

I hope that the name change doesn’t send you into a metaphorical tailspin.  I hope you will all still be my friend. I am looking forward to the future with this name, and truly feel I can grow as a writer in this community far better with this, and hope you all join me on the road to… wherever I go.

The new URL will be: – save it, like a lifeguard. 


you can tell by the header, this is going to be a serious change.

Leave a comment below letting me know what you think!


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