The Common White Girl’s Thoughts On Smiling

Honestly, I don’t really get why people don’t smile more often.

Life isn’t that hard.  I put on my designer jeans one leg at a time just like everyone else. I embellish my elegantly tailored satin shirt with a cute, overpriced bubble necklace from J Crew.  It compliments the color pallet perfectly.

I look great.

Granted, I won’t be smiling until I’ve had my Starbucks triple shot espresso macchiato with half skim, half regular milk straight from the cow’s udders, but the world could probably perk up a bit before 9am, for my sake at least.

If I’m having a bad day, which is pretty much any day that’s not on the weekend, I like to do therapy.  Retail therapy.  There is nothing that turns my frown upside down quicker than swiping my father’s credit card and getting a bag full of new outfits I don’t need at all.  Because when you look good, you feel good.

I’ve learned that you have to smile through the hard things in order to get through life.  One time my aunt gave me a Dolce and Gabbana bag that was clearly fake, clearly ugly, and clearly not my style.  But I smiled through the pain of not having real leather to hold my car keys and used the extra cash my parents gave me because it was a Wednesday to go out and buy the new iPhone.

Crisis averted, smile affixed.

When walking down the street in my new Michael Kors bedazzled flats and freshly painted nails, it’s hard to be sad about life.  I’ve had my fair share of struggles but I’ve come out the other end of the tunnel victorious.  I don’t understand why others don’t adopt my “can-do” attitude.

I actually had to interview for my job.  At my father’s company.  Working for my father.  We went to breakfast and he asked me really tough questions about organizational tactics and people skills, to which I replied, “Have you seen my closet?  I color code and arrange my clothing by season, organization is totally my thing!”

Really, I’m a simple girl.  I am happiest when I’m driving in my Range Rover SUV, sunroof open, windows down, and sunglasses on my face.  Normally, I don’t have anywhere to go, I just like driving. I never take public transportation, people always look miserable on the subway, and frankly, it brings down my mood.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my lunch break and get a massage.  I deserve it.


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