The Spice Girls Are The Reason I’m Weird

Well, no, they’re not.  But they did tell me to spice up my life.  And I’ll be damned if I don’t listen to Scary Spice, because she is actually terrifying.

This morning when I was trying to justify drinking wine instead of beer at a baseball game, I was met with inquisitive looks and confused stares.  America’s past time apparently has no room for deviations from stereotypical sports drinks.

But, I knew I was different back when I was twelve and my friends all started wearing makeup and watching what they ate.  I was more interested in sleeping in and eating snacks.

Self-confidence is hard to come by growing up.  No one likes knowing they are less than normal.  But as years passed, I realized I’m weird as hell and just went with it.  Apparently, people find quirks endearing in your twenties.

Because variety is the spice of life.  

Being mismatched, weird, quirky, eccentric, or unconventional is far more exciting than being plain, common, or regular.

Nobody wakes up and strives to be basic.  Success isn’t success when it can be attained by the ordinary.  In today’s world, we need to embrace differences and enhance the distinctions between us so that we can stand out.

We should all aim to add variety to our life.

Do shit you’ve never tried. Walk a different way to work.  Move on a whim.  Ignore your bank account and see what happens when you keep swiping your debit card.

Drink wine at a baseball game and throw shifty eyeballs and middle fingers at anyone who seems to care.

Because who the fuck is busy caring? You’re at a goddamn baseball game.

Be the variety in someone else’s life. 

When all life has to offer is a 9-5 job, be that person who can brighten up a day.  That phone call that will change a mood, flip a frown, or create a smile.

Aspire to be that person that people call because they know you’ll lighten the mood.  Because you’ll alleviate the pressure of real life, and make it all worth it.

Embrace the ways you’re able to make a first impression.

You will never get anywhere being plain. Be weird, stand out, make an impression.

The boy at the party won’t remember that girl who talked about the the weather for twenty four minutes.  He’s going to remember the one who talked about that distinct scar on your face, even if you did lie about getting into a knife fight with a rabid racoon.

Because normal is just, well, normal. 

Conventional love stories are boring.  We never want to read normal news.  As a culture, we’re obsessed with the weird, the outrageous, the unknown.

Immerse yourself in lifestyles that you don’t know about, extend a hand in friendship to a person you normally wouldn’t.  Being culturally aware is one of the smartest things you can do as a human.

Because we’re all curious, and we just want to know what the other person is all about.  Being inquisitive is not a crime; most times it’s appreciated, and has even been known to stop racism, bigotry, and ethnocentrism.


So put some spice into that dish we call life.  A little weird, adventure, a bit of charm, wit, and a dash of embarrassing anecdotes are a good start.  Bring to a boil, and I promise you’ll be bungee jumping in Taipei by December.

Or you could just be normal.

(Note: Recipe for a spicy life should not be taken literally.)

What do you do to add variety to your life?

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