Spoiler Alert: Invention of the Century Inside



Oh boy!  I’ve been waiting to share this idea for about three minutes since i just remembered it existed.

I’m a girl who is on the continual hunt for excellence.  I’m always trying to improve.  My brain is in constant motion, for the better and for the worse. I don’t want anyone to see or hear my private thoughts, but today, I’ve decided I’m going to let you in on a little piece of Meg’s brain that harbors my inventions.

A lot of things go on inside my head.  Mostly irrelevant, nonsensical notions, but sometimes there are gems.  This is one of those times.  But how do you dissect the weird from the truly ingenious?  Luckily, I found an online survey that allows you to determine whether or not your invention is good or bad.

I present to you:


Describe what your invention does in one or more action phrases.

It’s like MLK in your Minestrone.

Does your invention solve a specific problem? If so, describe the problem it solves.

Hunger is a very real problem in my life, and in anyone’s life who is alive.  People gotta eat! And everyone could use a little ego boost.

What advantages does your product have in comparison to the products or solutions above?

I’ve never eaten a can of minestrone and immediately felt souper cool, friendly, or fun – Progressive and Campbell’s just can’t do that. BOOM.

What disadvantages does it have?

I guess if you tell people that your emotional state is being swayed by a canned liquid lunch, people might question your sanity. Other than that, I see no disadvantages.

How much do you expect to sell your product for? How much do similar products sell for?

Like, 5$?  Maybe I’ll add a name your price option, Souper Rich seems like it could be a big seller.

Describe a typical user of your product. Is the person who pays for it a different person? If so, describe the typical person who would pay for your product.

Grumpy people at lunchtime.

What are your goals for this invention?

To improve the mental and physical well being of the human population, while providing a well balanced meal. To make so many dollhairs.

Mark any of the following items that you already have with a check. Mark any that would like to have with an * and estimate your expected budget for that item if you can.

[X] sketches (a simple drawing of the invention)

[X] patent (official patent protection for your idea)

[X] visual model (a 3D model that shows how the invention might look)

[ ] working model (a model that demonstrates that the invention will work)

[ ] computer model (a computer representation of the invention, used for manufacturing)

[ ] technical drawings (drawings that a shop can work from to produce your product)

[ ] renderings (a computer generated image of how your product will look)

[ ] prototype (something close to or identical to the final product)

[ ] production run (many copies of the product to sell)

[ ] product photographs (professional photographs of the product to use in marketing it)

Flavors to be rolled out in large quantities:

Souper Easy, Souper Fun, Souper Awesome, Souper Smart, Souper Attractive, Souper Awkward, Souper Friendly, Souper Drunk, Souper Sassy, Souper Dramatic

Any and all offers are appreciated.  I’d like to see this up and running… tomorrow.  Kinda hurting for cash and stuff.



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