18738698_4561739636657_8679615113086014751_o.jpgMy name is Meg and this blog is mine and that dog is Mickey and he is also mine.

A few quick housekeeping things:

I am a Sr. Copywriter. Peeps call me Meggy Olsen. (Literally, no one calls me that.) But the title is super offish and it should make ya’ quake in ya’ boots.

This blog is copyrighted by the gods of copywriting because, um, just don’t steal my shit.

All opinions expressed, especially the good ones that you agree with, are mine. The opinions you don’t agree with are still mine, and you can contact me via my About page if you want to get into a war with words.

All rights reserved. No part of this blog may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without my permission.

Now go forth. Please scroll and read and enjoy.

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Talk is cheap, but I'm on a budget anyway...

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