15 Struggles Only People Who Love Having Absolutely No Plans On The Weekend Understand

Perfectly describes my weekend. Sometimes you just need to be alone.

Thought Catalog

30 Rock30 Rock

1. Your friends will ask you, “What are you doing this weekend?” And you’ll say, “Nothing.” And they’ll say, “Do you want to do something?” And you’ll say, “No.” And then you’ll feel like a jerk because, technically, you can do something, but do you want to? No, my friend, you do not.

2. Your weekends are like these incredible stretches of endless hours that you can do anything with. Anything! You can read all day. Binge-watch an entire season of a show. Cook an elaborate meal. The weekend is your oyster!

3. …However, you feel as though you are a complete shut-in because there’s just nothing more interesting than all your weekend projects.

4. You’ll be on the couch refreshing Instagram and there are so many people doing things. And you’re like, people use their weekends much differently than I do. And, you start to…

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