The Friday Five: My Favorite Posts of the Week

Each week, I list off my favorite posts from all the wonderful blogs I follow.  I mean, if I love you, why shouldn’t the rest of the world?  So, without further adieu, here are the posts that really got my attention this week!


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Single Girl Blogging: I Ain’t Sayin’ I’m a Gold Digger


Ned’s Blog: In the event of a Sharknado, find the nearest catfish noodler

This guy is hilarious.  Everyone should follow him.

Always Rebecca: Why ‘Nice Guys’ sometimes don’t get the girl

Love, love, love this.  Not that guys shouldn’t be nice, but there’s a reason why they always finish last.

Indecision May or May Not Be My Problem: Good Advice

Marriage advice exposed.  People that come to your wedding have some interesting things to say after a couple drinks.

kissmeoutofdesire: PART-TIME LOVER

Wonderful post about the difference between Friends with Benefits and an actual relationship.

BONUS: This Weekend, I Kicked Adversity Square In The Face.

Because when you struggle to open a bottle of wine, the key is perseverance, and more wine.

Who likes badges?  Everyone, that’s who!  If I featured your post this week, or in any previous weeks, feel free to grab one of these bad boys and slap in on your blog so the world can know you’ve been baked with greatness by yours truly.

xoxo, Meg


What was your favorite post (by you or someone else) from this week?  Submit it in a comment and maybe I’ll feature my top five favorites next Friday!

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