The Friday Five: My Favorite Posts Of The Week

Each week, I list off my favorite posts from all the wonderful blogs I follow.  I mean, if I love you, why shouldn’t the rest of the world?  So, without further adieu, here are the posts that really got my attention this week!

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Suzie81 Speaks: Three Months Holiday a Year: The Common Misconceptions of Teaching

Loved this one for the sole reason that I used to be a teacher and every time I told people about it, their main response was, “Oh, you’re so lucky you get summers off!”  I feel your pain, girl!  And now I’m in marketing, not using my degree, and really grabbing life by the horns. (Sarcasm).


I just started following Arya, and she has already amazed me with her talents.  For being 14, she is incredibly observant and has a great head on her shoulders.  This post in particular reminded me of being a kid, when I wanted to renounce my position in the family and live off the land like Pocahontas.

Starting Write Now: Talking To Strangers

I loved this post!  I am a huge advocate of talking to new people, gaining cultural experiences, and branching out.  Moving is a huge deal, especially for children who already have roots in a city or town, but this is an uplifting, fresh look at starting over.

 Just Some Dish: Wordless Wednesday: So it’s shedding season again.

I chose this one because of the dogs.  I fucking love dogs.

Falling From Grace: 20 Things I Hate About Being 20

Freshly twenty and learning the ropes.  Don’t worry girl, I hate Taylor Swift, too.  It get’s better.  At least you’re not twenty-five and eating spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter for dinner.

BONUS: How To Insult People: Game of Thrones Edition

Because I’m in love with Jon Snow and I’m not afraid to say it.  Someone get him to notice me.  SOMEONE.

Who likes badges?  Everyone, that’s who!  If I featured your post this week, or in any previous weeks, feel free to grab one of these bad boys and slap in on your blog so the world can know you’ve been baked with greatness by yours truly.

xoxo, Meg


What was your favorite post (by you or someone else) from this week?  Submit it in a comment and maybe I’ll feature my top five favorites next Friday!

9 thoughts on “The Friday Five: My Favorite Posts Of The Week

  1. Thank you so much, I actually can’t even control my excitement right now because holy moly you featured my post **faints**

    I think I would still love to pull a Pocahontas on my family for at least a couple days or something, spontaneous solo camping would be rather fun 😛

  2. Thank you for the mention! I am so flattered! Love your blog! My dogs would also like to say thank you by leaving lots of their white hair on your dark clothing after they have licked your face off.

  3. Like what you are doing here! I’m also doing something similar; a monthly post about blogs I enjoy reading. Yours is one of them. I would love to have a one or two sentence quote from you, to add to my post. I’ll be publishing on Aug. 7. Cheers!

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