I Claim Them All: A First Encounter with Banned Books

“I was a terrible teenager, because I was rebellious and that stuff happens. If anything, those books were there for me. ” — An awesome read for those who think books are boring.

7 thoughts on “I Claim Them All: A First Encounter with Banned Books

  1. “Talk is cheap, but I’m on a budget anyway…” – That is a fantastic line. Thanks for the reblog. I’m glad you enjoyed this piece on the rebellious side of books!

      1. I love all of those…except, The Catcher in the Rye. I actually one read that recently and I always get this guilty feeling like “It’s a classic, I’m supposed to love it.” But I didn’t. I couldn’t stand that book. -Shrugs- Personal taste and all that.

      2. One of my good friends HATES Holden. It is all about personal preference; kind of like how I can’t really stand The Great Gatsby. Which, the same with me, I feel HORRIBLE about!

      3. Why is that? Why do we do the “guilt thing” with classic books? It seems silly. I don’t feel guilty for disliking Twilight. I shouldn’t feel guilty for disliking a classic. It’s a book and to think that every book out there will be good for me is ludicrous. I suppose we need to stop the guilt 🙂

Talk is cheap, but I'm on a budget anyway...

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