What’s Up With That Wednesday?

Featuring: Silverware in the dishwasher!


I feel you, bro!

I feel you, bro! #deathbydishwasher


What’s up with people sticking forks and knives pointy side up in the silverware cleaner?  Really though.  Do you want me to get stabbed?

Maybe I was raised in a forks down household, I don’t know.  But the idea of someone purposefully putting a fork prongs up really grinds my gears.  What do you do with scissors?  Do those just go blades up, too?

No. They don’t. Because it’s dangerous.

You wouldn’t put a capless pen ball point to the sky in your collection, so why treat your silverware differently?  No one wants to empty the dishwasher and get stabbed, just like no one wants to go for a writing implement and get ink daggered.

I’d really love to find out why people do prongs up.  If anyone has any intel into the cerebral cortex of an upforker, please let me know.  

It’s very important.  Maybe even more important than meeting Leo DeCaps, I’m just not sure yet.

No, nevermind, nothing is more important than Leo DeCaps.

Now excuse me while I go manually flip over all the utensil shanks in my dishwasher. I swear people are trying to kill me, they’re just not being subtle enough.  I see you, people.  You’re not going to get rid of me that fast.



8 thoughts on “What’s Up With That Wednesday?

  1. Maybe there’s a theory that says forks clean better pointy side up. Rather have dirty forks than a stabbed wrist, myself, but what would I know? I’ve never had a dishwasher, and now that I’m on my own, why would I bother? Plates would run out before the thing was full.

  2. I come from a long line of fork-downers and married a fork-upper. Never been able to figure it out. “Gets more water than being blocked by the basket” she says. We agree on most things, and this isn’t a marriage-killer, but it’s been a sore spot for me for 21 year.

  3. I remember a argument with an ex about just the same thing. She was an upforker and I was, well… normal. In the end it was for the best. She ended up-forking with someone else. (Wow, that has such a double meaning now.) I did however get my revenge when I told are I always use a ginsu knife to cut the cake….In her new cake pan! Score one for the good guys!

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